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Fond de ten compact Natural 16w - Annemarie Borlind
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Producator Annemarie Borlind
Prezentare 10g
Greutate 90 g
Cod ANMB153216
Stoc In stoc
Pret 100 RON
Pret Client Partener 90 RON
Pret Bio Member 95 RON
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Make-up compact
Aceasta baza cremoasa, potrivita pentru toate tipurile de piele este ideala in combaterea rosetii, a petelor de pigmentare si a pielii neuniforme. Bisabolul are efect calmant si reduce iritatiile. Acoperire medie.

Povestea produselor Annemarie Borlind incepe acum aproape 60 de ani in inima muntilor Padurea Neagra - un loc de basm, cunoscut pentru abundenta in ape minerale naturale, folosite ca baza in retete si esentiale pentru calitatea produselor cosmetice Borlind. Produsele Annemarie Börlind se numara astazi printre cele mai renumite game naturale de ingrijire a tenului din lume, fiind distribuite si folosite in peste 30 de tari.

Filozofia ce sta la baza fiecarui produs:

  • Bazat pe natura, cu ingrediente 100% naturale    
  • Testat dermatologic pentru eficacitate si compatibilitate cu pielea    
  • Netestat pe animale si fara ingrediente de origine animala   
  • Cu extracte vegetale organice
    • A fatty acid ester. A light oil component of plant origin that cares for the skin.
  • TALC
    • Powdered talc/talcum. A natural mineral with a slightly oily character. It serves as a raw material for powders due to its good adhesive properties. For BÖRLIND, only asbestos-free talcum is used.
    • Carnauba wax. A very solid, caring plant wax. Used above all as a thickening agent for solid cosmetics, such as lipsticks.
    • A vegetable fat. A thickening agent. A vegan alternative to beeswax.
  • MICA
    • Mica. Mica is a natural mineral which has been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries. It gives a subtle shine to cosmetics. When coated with titanium dioxide, it is known as "pearlescent pigments".
    • Phytantriol. Produced by oxidation of phytol (a component of chlorophyll), it has a moisturizing effect.
    • Silicon dioxide/silica sand/silicic acid. Used as an auxiliary substance in a great variety of cosmetic products: as a carrier for color pigments in color cosmetics, as an anti-caking agent in powders, and as a thickener in oily products and masks.
    • (Alpha-)bisabolol. An anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing ingredient with an antimicrobial effect. Can be found in essential bergamot oil, chamomile oil and the oil of the candeia tree (vanillosmopsis erythropappa). For BÖRLIND, only bisabolol from sustainable, FSC-certified candeia plantations is used, in order to protect the Brazilian highland rainforests.
    • Fat-soluble form of vitamin C. This fat-soluble form of vitamin C is more light- and temperature-resistant, and is converted into free vitamin C in the skin. It has an antioxidant effect, counteracts skin aging caused by free radicals and prevents emulsions from becoming rancid.
    • Lecithin. A substance similar to fat, with emulsifying properties. Can be found in vegetable oils from which it is derived. It cares for the skin and hair, and improves combability. Special lecithins can be made into liposomes in which active ingredients can be encapsulated and protected, improving their bioavailability when applied to the skin.
    • Vitamin E. Can be found in many vegetable oils. As an antioxidant it prevents these from becoming rancid. It also stabilizes cosmetics and protects the skin against free radicals induced by UV radiation, for example, thus forestalling premature, environment-related skin aging.
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: plant glycerin and vegetable fat plus citric acid. Binds oil and water. Cares for the skin.
    • Titanium dioxide. A white coloring and UV filter.
  • CI 77947 [ZINC OXIDE]
    • Zinc oxide. A white coloring and UV filter.
  • CI 77492 [IRON OXIDES]
    • Yellow iron oxide. A mineral color pigment.
  • CI 77499 [IRON OXIDES]
    • Black iron oxide. A mineral color pigment.
  • CI 77491 [IRON OXIDES]
Pret per Kg 9 999.57 Lei/Kg
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