Acasa Categorii - Hidratare Detalii - Beauty Shots Concentrat intensiv pentru ten mixt cu pori dilatati, 15 ml - Annemarie Borlind
Beauty Shots Concentrat intensiv pentru ten mixt cu pori dilatati, 15 ml - Annemarie Borlind
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Producator Annemarie Borlind
Prezentare 15 ml
Greutate 65 g
Cod ANMB873
Stoc In stoc
Pret 138 RON
Pret Client Partener 124.2 RON
Pret Bio Member 131.1 RON
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Ingrediente foarte concentrate. O perioadă scurtă de utilizare. Rezultate vizibile imediat. Noile Beauty Shots de la ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND: o colectie de concentrate intensive, adaptate nevoilor fiecarui tip de piele.

Beauty Shot Skin & Pore Balancer - Concentrat pentru piele mixta, cu pori dilatati
Matifiant. Atenueaza porii dilatati. Uniformizeaza.
Fitoplanctonul atenueaza porii dilatati. Ingredientul activ inovator verbascosid este extras din celulele de liliac, folosind tehnologia de ultima ora HTN (High Tech Nature)TM.  Are efect antiinflamator si reduce secretia de sebum in exces.
Ingredientele concentrate confera rezultate vizibile chiar si dupa o perioada scurta de utilizare.
Beauty Shot Skin & Pore Balancer este infuzia de frumusete pentru ten mat si echilibrat.
Eficienta si compatibilitatea cu piele au fost demonstrate stiintific.

Nu contine derivati din uleiuri minerale. Produs vegan.

Mod de utilizare: Se apasa dozatorul cu pompa, se aplica concentratul pentru extra ingrijire pe fata curatata, gat si decolteu si se lasa pana se absoarbe in totalitate.   

Eficienta confirmata*

Pori cu 11 % mai uniformizati, dupa 28 de zile de utilizare.*

Pielea este matifiata si are un aspect mai echilibrat.* *

Eficienta confirmata stiintific de un institut de cercetare independent

Povestea produselor Annemarie Borlind incepe acum aproape 60 de ani in inima muntilor Padurea Neagra - un loc de basm, cunoscut pentru abundenta in ape minerale naturale, folosite ca baza in retete si esentiale pentru calitatea produselor cosmetice Borlind. Produsele Annemarie Börlind se numara astazi printre cele mai renumite game naturale de ingrijire a tenului din lume, fiind distribuite si folosite in peste 30 de tari.

Filozofia ce sta la baza fiecarui produs:

  • Bazat pe natura, cu ingrediente 100% naturale    
  • Testat dermatologic pentru eficacitate si compatibilitate cu pielea    
  • Netestat pe animale si fara ingrediente de origine animala   
  • Cu extracte vegetale organice

    • Deep spring water. Water from the red sandstone strata of the northern Black Forest in Germany. It is obtained from our own well at a depth of 165 meters, and is unchlorinated and naturally pure. Its function is to moisturize the surface of the skin and to act as a solvent for water-soluble ingredients and plant extracts.
    • Pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. Obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. Alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. It also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation.
    • Glycerin. A component of all fats and oils. Glycerin has a moisturizing effect. For BÖRLIND, it is derived solely from vegetable oil.
    • Squalane. An oil component of plant origin similar to the squalene in the skin and therefore particularly well absorbed. Makes the skin feel soft, silky, but not greasy, and is very skin-compatible.
    • Lauroyl lysine. Produced from plant lauric acid and the amino acid lysine. A powder that cares for the skin and makes cosmetic powders feel soft and pleasant on the skin.
    • Shea butter. A solid plant fat obtained from the seeds of an African tree. It has very good care properties and is ideal for dry, irritated skin. A thickening agent in emulsions.
    • Maltodextrin. A polysaccharide derived from plant starch. Supplies moisture and used as a carrier for active ingredients/plant extracts in powder form.
    • Essential oils, distillates, perfume, fragrances, and aromatic substances. The collective term for everything that contains fragrances: from an individual essential oil through to perfume compositions made up of many different fragrances.
    • Cetyl palmitate. A fatty component of plant origin. A thickening agent. Cares for the skin.
    • Phenethyl alcohol. The main constituent of rose oil. Has a rose-like fragrance. It cares for the skin and is antimicrobial.
    • Dehydroxanthan. Obtained by physical modification (heat treatment) of xanthan.
    • A surfactant/co-emulsifier. Produced from plant glycerin and plant fatty acids. It has moisturizing, emulsifying and caring properties.
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: a compound of sorbitol (a natural sugar alcohol of plant origin with a moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect) and plant fatty acids from vegetable oil. Binds oil and water. Cares for and moisturizes the skin.
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: a compound of sorbitol (a natural sugar alcohol of plant origin with a moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect) and plant fatty acids from vegetable oil. Binds oil and water. Cares for and moisturizes the skin.
    • A (co-)emulsifier. Used in addition to other emulsifiers in low concentration to improve the long-term stability of emulsions.
    • Lecithin. A substance similar to fat, with emulsifying properties. Can be found in vegetable oils from which it is derived. It cares for the skin and hair, and improves combability. Special lecithins can be made into liposomes in which active ingredients can be encapsulated and protected, improving their bioavailability when applied to the skin.
    • Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. Sodium hyaluronate has an outstanding ability to bind water. It moisturizes and smooths. For BÖRLIND, it comes solely from superior, sustainable, vegan and GMO-free (GMO = genetically modified organisms) biotechnological production, in which plant material and ethanol are fermented with the aid of lactic acid bacteria.
    • Sodium salt of lactic acid. A component of the skin's natural moisturizing factors (NMFs). Has a moisturizing effect and cares for the skin.
    • An ingredient from lilac. The active molecule "verbascoside", derived from lilac with the aid of resource-saving plant cell technology, regulates the key mechanisms that lead to oily skin and cause inflammatory blemishes. It has a clarifying, anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating effect, and therefore optimizes the overall appearance of oily skin and skin prone to acne.
    • Sunflower oil from organic farming. A carrier oil with good skin-compatibility. Smooths and cares for the skin and hair.
    • Macadamia nut oil. The fatty acid makeup of this oil is very similar to that of human sebum. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Has a caring, smoothing and regenerating effect, and is rapidly absorbed.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • Extract of tremella fuciformis, also known as "snow fungus". A medicinal and edible fungus well-known in Japan and China. The chemical structure of this extract is very similar to that of hyaluronic acid. It has the same cosmetic moisturizing and smoothing effect, but feels more pleasant on the skin.
    • Tocopheryl acetate/provitamin E. A more stable form of vitamin E. When it is applied to the skin, it becomes vitamin E by enzymatic conversion, and then takes its antioxidant effect.
    • Benzyl alcohol. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions, and a preservative.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • A polysaccharide. A biotechnological method is used to obtain this ingredient from special plant plankton, native to a biotope in Brittany, where fresh water and sea water regularly mix because of the tides. Here, life forms develop which have adapted to this specific habitat with special strategies. Our cosmetics make use of the molecules these produce. The ingredient helps to regenerate, retain moisture and smooth, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, refines the pores and improves the complexion.
    • Konjac root powder. A gelling agent from the corm of the konjac plant, which is cultivated as a food in South-East Asia. Has a thickening effect, and smooths and moisturizes the skin.
    • Soybean oil. A vegetable oil that cares for the skin and makes it supple.
    • Silicon dioxide/silica sand/silicic acid. Used as an auxiliary substance in a great variety of cosmetic products: as a carrier for color pigments in color cosmetics, as an anti-caking agent in powders, and as a thickener in oily products and masks.
    • Benzyl salicylate. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • Potassium sorbate. A nature-identical preservative. It occurs naturally in the unripe fruits of the rowan.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • Vitamin E. Can be found in many vegetable oils. As an antioxidant it prevents these from becoming rancid. It also stabilizes cosmetics and protects the skin against free radicals induced by UV radiation, for example, thus forestalling premature, environment-related skin aging.
  • CI 77491 [IRON OXIDES]
Pret per L 9 200.29 Lei/L

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